Executive search

We take the time to identify with your executive management team and to fully embrace the key objectives of your organization. We then incorporate your brand and culture into a powerful recruiting campaign.

Our experience has demonstrated that a proactive strategy will deliver the most successful results. Our defined process will allow your corporation to identify and hire the best executive talent within the most expedient time-frame.

  • 3000+ completed searches

  • 300+ companies

  • 20+ years of expertise

project management

Whether you're launching a new division, building a commercial organization, augmenting your existing management structure, or looking to strengthen your recruiting process, then Concord has a solution that will allow your company to succeed.

Concord’s Project Management services enable our clients to hire the best talent in the shortest period of time. They include: Product Launches, National Expansions, and Maintenance Programs.

  • 45 Pharma/Biotech Expansions & Product Launches

  • 15 Pharma Service/Health Care Projects

  • 38 Technology Projects